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SD configurator

SD configurator (on CD2 “Configuration” of catalogue “CA 01 – The Siemens A&D Offline Mall”)

More than 100,000 products with approx. 5 million possible product variants for drive engineering applications are listed in the interactive catalog CA 01 – The Offline Mall of Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D).

To make the selection of the suitable motor and/or converter from the diverse A&D SD range easier, theSD configurator has been developed which is integrated into the catalogue as a “selection aid”.

TheSD configuratormakes it easier to find the right drive solution. It supplies the correct order number as well as the corresponding documentation.

Operating instructions, factory test certificates, connection box documentations, etc. can be displayed and data sheets, dimension drawings and a starting calculation can be generated to the respective products.

It is also easy to assign a suitable converter to the selected motor.

The extensive help function not only explains the program function, it also contains extensive technical background material.

SD configurator product range:

Low-voltage motors
(energy-saving motors, explosion-proof motors) with corresponding documentation and dimension drawings, low- voltage converters of the MICROMASTER 4 product series, SINAMICS G110 converter chassis units, and much more.

The interactive CA 01 catalogue can be ordered from your local Siemens sales representative or on the Internet at

At this address, you will also find links to Tips & Tricks and to downloads for function or content updates.
Order No. for CA 01, english international:

Energy-saving program SinaSave

The energy-saving programSinaSave is designed for applications with motors formains-fed operation(fixed speed) and converter-fed operation (variable speed). In mains-fed operation, you can calculate the cost savings as well as the amortization time for the additional cost of the Siemens EFF1 energy-saving motors with the three bases of comparison outlined below. In comparison to ...

  • Siemens EFF2 energy-saving motors –Case 1
  • Individually selected known motors –Case 2
  • Known motors within an overall plant analysis –Case 3

Case 1

Calculation of the savings in energy costs as well as the amortization time for the additional cost of the Siemens EFF1 energy-saving motors as compared to the Siemens EFF2 energy-saving motors.

In this case, the motor data for the Siemens energy-saving motors have already been stored complete with their order numbers. In addition, you are told how long it will take until the additional cost for an energy-saving motor will pay for itself.

Case 2

Calculation of the savings in energy costs as well as the amortization time for the additional cost of the Siemens EFF1 energy- saving motors in comparison with other known motors.

The calculation, however, requires exact knowledge of the technical specifications of the motor which is to be used for comparison.

Case 3

Calculation of the savings in energy costs as well as the amortization time for the additional cost of Siemens EFF1 energy- saving motors in comparison with any number of other known motors – plant analysis.

Inconverter-fed operation, SinaSave takes into account all the necessary plant-specific parameters. Values required for the process such as pumping flowrate and height for pumps, mass flowrate and total pressure difference for fans as well as the density of the transported medium are taken into account in addition to the efficiency of the fan, pump or compressor, the electrical efficiency and the overall efficiency of the plant. Other basic data for the program include the number of working days and work shifts as well as the medium transport profile that decides the extent of the energy-saving effect throughout the day and the year.

From the entered plant-specific basic data, the program first obtains the drive system with the appropriate output and the price of the corresponding frequency converter. In a further step, the program determines the energy requirements of the variable- speed drive system for the specific application and compares it to the calculated values for all alternative concepts that can be considered for the plant in question; including for example, throttle valves, bypass, pre-forming control or pole-changing motors. The energy-saving is obtained from the difference in kilowatt hours which the program then converts into a cash saving using the currently applicable energy purchasing price for the plant.

The program calculates the amortization time from the price of the frequency converter, the decisive energy-saving and other cost-reducing effects of variable-speed operation that have also been taken into account, such as an improved power factor and smoother running of equipment.

The program can be downloaded from the Internet using the following link:


TheSINAMICS MICROMASTER SIZER configuration tool is used for easy configuring of theSINAMICSandMICROMASTER 4 drive families as well as those of the CNC control SINUMERIK solution line. It provides support when setting up the technologies involved in the hardware and firmware components required for a drive task.SIZERsupports the complete configuration of the drive system, from simple individual drives to complex multi-axis applications.

SIZER supports all of the engineering steps in a workflow:

  • Selection of the power supply
  • Motor design as a result of load configuring
  • Calculation of the drive components
  • Selecting the required accessories
  • Selection of the line-side and motor-side power options.

WhenSIZERwas being designed, particular importance was placed on a high degree of user-friendliness and a universal, function-based approach to the drive task. The extensive user guidance makes using the tool easy. Status information continuously indicates the progress in the configuration process.
The user interface ofSIZERis implemented in English and German.

The drive configuration is saved in a project. In the project, the components and functions used are displayed in a hierarchical tree structure.

The project view supports:

  • The configuration of a number of drive devices
  • The copying/pasting/modification of existing drives that have already been configured.

The configuration process produces the following results:

  • A parts list of the components required
  • Technical data
  • Characteristics
  • Comments on system reactions
  • Location diagram and dimension drawings

These results are displayed in a results tree and can be reused for documentation purposes.

User support is provided by a technical online help, which provides the following information:

  • Detailed technical data
  • Information about the drives and their components
  • Decision-making criteria for the selection of components

Minimum hardware and software requirements

Programming device or PC with Pentium II 400 MHz (Windows 2000), Pentium III 500 MHz (Windows XP)

256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)

At least 675 MB of free hard disk space

An additional 100 MB of free hard disk space on Windows system drive

Monitor resolution 1024·768 pixels
Windows 2000 SP2, XP Professional SP1, XP Home Edition SP2 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2


Order No.

Каталог оборудования

Приводная техника

Двигатели переменного тока

Низковольтные двигатели

Low-Voltage Motors - IEC Squirrel-Cage Motors

Guide to selecting and ordering the motors

Planning notes

General technical data Part 1

General technical data Part 2

General technical data Part 3

General technical data Part 4

General technical data Part 5

General technical data Part 6

General technical data Part 7

1LE1 motor generation

Standard motors up to frame size 315 L

Non-standard motors frame size 315 and above

Explosion-proof motors

Motors operating with frequency converters

Pump motors

Fan motors

Compressor motors

Smoke-extraction motors

Marine motors

Синхронные двигатели с возбуждением от постояннымх магнитов

Асинхронные серводвигатели/двигатели главного движения

Синхронные двигатели

Моментные двигатели 1FW

Мотор-шпиндель 2SP1 ECS

Линейные двигатели

Линейные двигатели 1FN

Шаговые двигатели 1FL3 SIMOSTEP

Системы измерения

Стояночный тормоз

Асинхронные двигатели - стандартная линия

Двигатели постоянного тока

Децентрализованная приводная техника


Преобразователи постоянного тока

Инструментальное программное обеспечение

Дополнительные компоненты

Техника автоматизации

Коммуникации и сети

Низковольтная коммутационная техника

Электроустановочная техника

Специализированные сенсоры

Блоки питания

Технология безопасности

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