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Special versions
Motor protection

KTY 84 temperature sensor

Order codes
A23: 1 x KTY 84-130
A25: 2 x KTY 84-130
This sensor is a semi-conductor that changes its resistance depending on temperature in accordance with a defined curve.

KTY 84 temperature sensor

For 1LA8 motors, the PTC thermistors supplied as standard are omitted when ordering with order codeA23.

For line-fed operation, the temperature monitoring device 3RS10 that is part of the protection equipment can be ordered separately. For further details, see Catalog LV1.

Motor protection for explosion-proof motors

The explosion-proof motors for Zones 2, 21 and 22 for converter-fed operation (ordered with order codesM73, M38 orM39) already have PTC thermistors for tripping as standard. For converter-fed operation, thermistors can be additionally ordered for alarm (order codeA10).

For the explosion-proof motor series of Zone 1 with type of protection d, order codesA15 andA16are available specially for converter-fed operation:

Order codeA15: Motor protection with PTC thermistors for converter-fed operation with 3 or 4 embedded temperature sensors for tripping.

Order codeA16: Motor protection with PTC thermistors for converter-fed operation with 6 or 8 embedded temperature sensors for alarm and tripping.

Rating plate data for motors operating with frequency converters for Zones 2, 21 and 22

MICROMASTER DUTY S9 is stamped on the rating plate as standard, i.e. the rating data for the MICROMASTER converter series from Siemens are indicated. For other converter types (SIMOVERTMASTERDRIVES, SINAMICSG110, SINAMICSS120 or SIMATICET 200SFC), the converter type required must be specified in the order in plain text following the order codeY68. This is due to the different degree of utilization of the converter and the resulting derating of the motor.


For converter-fed operation with frame size 225 and above, it is recommended that an Insulated bearing cartridge - Order codeL27 is used.

Ventilation/noise generation

The fan noise can increase at speeds that are higher than the rated speed of self-ventilated motors.

To increase motor utilisation at low speeds, it is recommended that forced-air cooled motors are used, in particular motor series 1LA5, 1LA7, 1LG4 and 1LG6 with order codeG17 or motor series 1PQ8.


For converter-fed operation with the outputs specified in the catalog, the motors are used according to temperature class F, i.e. in this case neither a service factor >1 nor an increased coolant temperature is possible, that is, order codesC11, C12 andC13cannot be ordered. Explosion-proof motors for Zones 2, 21 and 22 are utilized in accordance with temperature class 130 (B).

Supply frequencies larger than 60Hz

For converter-fed operation with frequencies greater than 60Hz, special balancing is required for compliance with the specified limit values (plain text: Max. speed).

ECOFAST motor connectors

In combination with the ECOFAST versions of the MICROMASTER411 distributed drive solutions, the following motor connectors can be ordered separately:

  • ECOFAST motor connector, standard (unshielded connection): Order codeG55.
  • ECOFAST motor connector, EMC (shielded connection): Order codeG56.
    Shielded motor connection cables must be used for frequency converters and soft starters.

Maximum admissible line voltage on motor connector: ?500V

Ordering example:

Selection criteria


Structure of the Order No.

Motor type

Standard motor with high efficiency (EFF1), IP55 degree of protection, aluminum housing


No. of poles/speed



Rated output


Special voltage and frequency

Star/delta starting for a supply voltage

400V?, 50Hz1)

Type of construction


ECOFAST connector

Shielded connection


1)Note: Voltage code9 with order codeL1Umust be selected due to the 400V voltage. With voltage code 6 (= 400V?/690VY, 50Hz), temporary voltage peaks of 690V can arise which can cause faults on the ECOFAST connectors.

Converter mounting

Motor series 1LA7 with standard insulation up to 500V in sections Standard motors up to frame size 315L and Fan motors can be prepared for mounting an MMI (MICROMASTER Integrated). Order codeH15is required for this purpose.

Earth brushes for converter-fed operation

Earth brushes are available for converter-fed operation for 1LG4 and 1LG6 motors with order codeM44. Please contact your local Siemens office for advice.

Motor series with special insulation up to 690 V

For motor series 1LA7/5 and 1LG6 with special insulation up to 690V, the following special versions are generally not possible:


Order code

With PTC thermistors for alarm for converter-fed operation in Zones2, 21 and 22


Temperature detectors for tripping


Installation of 3PT 100 resistance thermometers


Installation of 6PT100 resistance thermometers in stator winding


Temperature class 155 (F), used acc. to 155 (F), with service factor (SF)


Temperature class 155 (F), used acc. to 155 (F), with increased output


Temperature class 155 (F), used acc. to 155 (F), with increased coolant temperature


Temperature class 108 (H) at rated output and max. CT60 C


Increased air humidity/temperature with 30 to 60 g water per m3 of air


Increades air humidity /temperature with 60 to 100 g water per m3 of air


Design according to UL with Recognition Mark


Canadian regulations (CSA)


Prepared for mounting the MICROMASTER Integrated frequency converter


Design for Zone21, as well as Zone22 for conducting dust (IP65) for mains-fed operation


Design for Zone22 for non-conducting dust (IP55)
for mains-fed operation


Design for Zone21, as well as Zone22 for conducting dust (IP65) for converter-fed operation, derating


Design for Zone22 for non-conducting dust (IP55)
for converter-fed operation, derating


Design for Zone2 for mains-fed operation ExnAIIT3, EExnAIIT3 acc. to IEC/EN60079-15


Design for Zone2 for converter-fed operation, derating ExnAIIT3, EExnAIIT3 acc. to IEC/EN60079-15


Temperature class F, used acc. to F, other requirements


ECOFAST motor connector Han-Drive 10e
for 230V?/400VY


ECOFAST motor connector EMC Han-Drive 10e
for 230V?/400VY


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