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Standard motors from Siemens are characterised by their flexibility, ruggedness and energy efficiency. In general, all motors are suitable for converter-fed operation with line voltages of up to 500V +10%. The motors are designed to fulfill the requirements of the European and International markets with an output range from 0.06 to 200kW.

Standard motors for use worldwide

IEC motors for the European and international market

The standard motors comply both electrically and mechanically with the applicable IEC/EN standards. For exporting to China, CCC certified motors (China Compulsory Certification) can be supplied.

IEC motors for the North American market

Motors are also available to the NEMA specification (National Electrical Manufacturers Association), with UL approval (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) and CSA certification (Canadian Standard Association) for exporting to NAFTA states (USA, Canada and Mexico). The mechanical design of all motors is compliant only to IEC/EN, not to NEMA dimensions.

NEMA motors for the North American market

Low-voltage motors are manufactured to the NEMA standard for compliance with the local specifications of the NAFTA markets (USA, Canada and Mexico). This includes motors designed in accordance with the US act, EPACT (specified minimum efficiency levels), as well as motors with NEMA premium efficiency levels. The NEMA motor series provide the highest operating reliability for maximum service life.

Further information regarding NEMA motors is available on the Internet:

Classified energy-saving motors for an efficient
energy balance

Depending on requirements, energy-saving motors are available for an efficient energy balance for EU requirements in accordance with CEMEP (European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics)
and for the North American market in accordance with EPACT (US Energy Policy Act).

Efficiency requirements according to CEMEP

CEMEP classifies efficiency levels for 2-pole and 4-pole motors with outputs of 1.1 to 90kW. Three efficiency classes are defined:

EFF1 (High Efficiency motors referred to below as Motors with high efficiency)

EFF2 (Improved Efficiency motors referred to below as
Motors with improved efficiency)

EFF3 (Conventional Efficiency motors)

At a glance: EU/CEMEP for Europe

  • Status
    Voluntary compliance with efficiency classification
  • Covers
    2-pole, 4-pole squirrel-cage motors from 1.1 to 90kW
    (at 400V and 50Hz)
  • Required marking
    Efficiency class on the motor rating plate
    ?rated, ?3/4 load and efficiency class in the documentation

Efficiency requirements according to EPACT

In 1997, an act was passed in the US to define minimum efficiencies for low-voltage three-phase motors (EPACT).

An act is in force in Canada that is largely identical, although it is based on different verification methods. The efficiency is verified for these motors for the USA using IEEE112, Test Method B and for Canada using CSA-C390. Apart from a few exceptions, all three-phase low-voltage motors imported into the USA or Canada must comply with the legal efficiency requirements. The law demands minimum efficiency levels for motors with a voltage of 230 and 460V at 60Hz, in the output range of 1 to 200HP (0.75 to 150kW) with 2, 4 and 6 poles. Explosion-proof motors must also be included.

The EPACT efficiency requirements exclude, for example:

  • Motors whose frame size-output classification does not correspond with the standard series according to NEMA MG1-12.
  • Flange-mounting motors
  • Brake motors
  • Converter-fed motors
  • Motors with design letter C and higher

EPACT lays down that the nominal efficiency at full load and a CC number (Compliance Certification) must be included on the rating plate. The CC number is issued by the US Department of Energy (DOE). The following information is stamped on the rating plate of EPACT motors which must be marked by law:

  • Nominal efficiency
  • Design letter
  • Code letter
  • CONT
  • CC No.CC032A (Siemens) and NEMAMG1-12.

At a glance: EPACT/CSA for North America

  • Status
    Minimum efficiencies required by law
  • Covers
    2-, 4- and 6-pole 60 Hz squirrel-cage motors from 1 to 200HP
    (0.75 to 150kW) for 230V and/or 460V 60Hz
  • Required marking
    Efficiency ?rated on the motor rating plate

Energy-saving motors from Siemens according to CEMEP or EPACT

The product range of standard motors exclusively comprises motors in the EU efficiency classes EFF1 High Efficiency or EFF2 Improved Efficiency. The active parts of the motor have been optimized so that the requirements of the CEMEP efficiency classes EFF1 and EFF2 are fulfilled. The procedure for determining the efficiency is based on the summation of losses in accordance with IEC60034-2. With these energy-saving motors a significant reduction in energy costs can be achieved as compared to conventional motors according to EFF3.

EPACT motors from Siemens are available CC certified, marked with the number CC032A on the rating plate and optionally also according to UL with the recognition mark. Siemens offers motors with the CSA Energy Efficiency Verification Mark specially for the Canadian market.

At a glance: Energy-saving motors from Siemens according to CEMEP EFF1/EFF2, EPACT and CSA

Standard motors with increased output and compact construction

Standard motors with increased output and compact construction can be used to advantage in confined spaces. For a slightly longer overall length, the output is at least as high as that of the next largest shaft height. These compact motors are also optimised for efficiency and therefore reduce the operating costs.

Standard motors with reduced output without external fan

Self-cooled motors with surface cooling without external fan are suitable for the following operating conditions:

  • Types of duty with adequate cooling times (e.g. temporary duty for positioning drives)
  • Environmental conditions that demand compact installation space (e.g. in motors with a stopping function)
  • Conditions under which an external fan has an adverse effect (e.g. simple cleaning in the food industry, textile industry)
Standard motors that can be supplied from stock with an extremely short delivery time

The most commonly used basic versions of standard motor series 1LA7, 1LA5 and 1LG4 can be supplied from stock some of these are already marked with CCC (China Compulsory Certification) for export to China. Apart from these, a so-called Sector version is available for some of the motors available from stock. These include a located bearing at the drive end (DE), PTC thermistor and screwed on feet for the IMB35 type of construction.

The normal delivery time for motors from stock is 1 to 2 days from the time of clarification of the order at the factory until delivery from the factory. To determine the time of arrival at the customer site, the appropriate shipping time must be added.

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