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Increasing energy costs have resulted in greater emphasis on the power consumption of drive systems. It is extremely important to utilize the full potential for minimization here to secure competitiveness today and in the future. The environment will also profit from reduced energy consumption.

With this in mind, we have already developed a new generation of low-voltage motors that you can use in drives to move even more than before. Innovative copper rotors that we develop and manufacture entirely in-house create the perfect conditions for motors with a high degree of efficiency (EFF2 and EFF1 motors are located in the same housing). The new motors for EFF1 (High Efficiency) offer considerable energy savings and protect our environment.

The modular mounting concept also provides total flexibility: Each motor is based on a uniform concept for all markets worldwide. Our motors are manufactured in accordance with modern ecological principles and give machines and plants more drive. Worldwide and for every application. Efficiency over the complete life cycle is a clear benefit of our motors especially for the use of 1LE1 designed to EFF1. All machine manufacturers and plant operators can profit from this – not to mention the environment. We will be launching our new 1LE1 motors onto the market step by step.

Classified energy-saving motors for an efficient energy balance

Depending on requirements, energy-saving motors are available for an efficient energy balance for the EU in accordance with CEMEP (European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics) and will be available soon for the North American market in accordance with EPACT (US Energy Policy Act).

Efficiency requirements according to CEMEP

CEMEP classifies efficiency levels for 2-pole and 4-pole motors with outputs of 1.1 to 90 kW. Three efficiency classes are defined:

  • EFF1(High Efficiency motors – referred to below as "Motors with high efficiency")
  • EFF2(Improved Efficiency motors – referred to below as "Motors with improved efficiency")
  • EFF3(Conventional Efficiency motors)

At a glance: EU/CEMEP for Europe

  • Status
    Voluntary compliance with efficiency classification
  • Covers
    2-pole, 4-pole 50 Hz squirrel-cage motors from 1.1 to 90 kW (at 400 V and 50 Hz)
  • Required marking
    Efficiency class on the motor rating plate
    ?rated, ?3/4 load and efficiency class in the documentation

Efficiency requirements according to EPACT (motor version available soon)

In 1997, an act was passed in the US to define minimum efficiencies for low-voltage three-phase motors (EPACT).

An act is in force in Canada that is largely identical, although it is based on different verification methods. The efficiency is verified for these motors for the USA using IEEE 112, Test Method B and for Canada using CSA-C390. Apart from a few exceptions, all three-phase low-voltage motors imported into the USA or Canada must comply with the legal efficiency requirements. The law demands minimum efficiency levels for motors with a voltage of 230 and 460 V at 60 Hz, in the output range of 1 to 200 HP (0.75 to 150 kW) with 2, 4 and 6 poles. Explosion-proof motors must also be included.

The EPACT efficiency requirements exclude, for example:

  • Motors whose frame size-output classification does not correspond with the standard series according to NEMA MG1-12.
  • Flange-mounting motors
  • Brake motors
  • Converter-fed motors
  • Motors with design letter C and higher

EPACT lays down that the nominal efficiency at full load and a "CC" number (Compliance Certification) must be included on the rating plate. The "CC" number is issued by the US Department of Energy (DOE). The following information is stamped on the rating plate of EPACT motors which must be marked by law:

  • Nominal efficiency
  • Design letter
  • Code letter
  • CONT
  • CC No. CC 032A (Siemens) and NEMA MG1-12.

At a glance: EPACT/CSA for North America (motor version available soon)

  • Status
    Minimum efficiencies required by law
  • Covers
    2-, 4- and 6-pole 60 Hz squirrel-cage motors from 1 to 200 HP
    (0.75 to 150 kW) for 230 V and/or 460 V 60 Hz
  • Required marking
    Efficiency ?rated on the motor rating plate
Motors with increased output and compact construction

Motors with increased output and compact construction can be used to advantage in confined spaces. For a slightly longer overall length, the output is at least as high as that of the next larger shaft height. These compact motors are also optimized for efficiency and therefore reduce the operating costs.

Motors without fan cover and external fan

Forced-air cooled motors with surface cooling without fan cover and external fan are mainly used for driving fans.

Motors delivered ex-stock with shorter delivery time – General Line

The most popular basic versions of the 1LE1 motor series can be supplied ex-stock and are termed the "General Line".

A so-called "Sector version" will be available soon for some of the motors available from stock. These include a located bearing at the drive end (DE), PTC thermistor and screwed-on feet for the IM B35 type of construction.

The normal delivery time for General Line motors is 1 to 2 days from the time of clarification of the order at the factory until delivery from the factory. To determine the time of arrival at the customer site, the appropriate shipping time must be added.

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