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The fan motors are suitable for driving fans. The fan wheel can be located directly on the motor shaft or the fan shaft can be coupled with the motor shaft over a coupling or over a belt drive.

For fans with a belt drive, it is important to note the cantilever forces that are applied to the motor.

The different application areas for the fans demand special technical characteristics of the motors, such as:

  • The use of reinforced bearings and a located bearing at the drive-end (DE) of the motor, especially with belt drive
  • In confined spaces, it is recommended that the motor is ordered with the connection box located at the non-drive end (NDE) or with protruding cable ends instead of a connection box
  • For flange types of construction with the shaft extension pointing upwards (e.g. IM V6) and when condensation is a possibility, a flange drainage hole is recommended
  • For converter-fed operation, winding monitoring through embedded KTY 84-130 temperature sensors is recommended as well as insulated bearings in the case of large output ranges.

The resonance of mountings and reactions from driven machines can cause high levels of vibration in the overall equipment unit. This has a significant effect on the expected service life of the bearing.

For evaluation of these vibrations, vibration levels N, R and S are used in accordance with DIN EN 60034-14 (corresponding to evaluation zones A and B according to ISO 10816).


For information about motors according to EN 12101-3 for driving smoke extraction fans, see "Smoke extraction motors".

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