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Self-ventilated, through ventilation for converter-fed operation, 1LL8

The motors of series 1LL8 are asynchronous squirrel-cage motors with compact dimensions in an open fin-cooled design with self-cooling. They are similar in construction to 1LA8 motors. IP23 degree of protection is achieved by opening the internal cooling circuit and supplying it with external cooling air.

The motors of series 1LL8 are designed for converter-fed operation.

Versions with special insulation for >500V and operation without an output filter on the frequency converter are only possible on request.

Important preconditions: Motors of the 1LL8 type series are intended for installation indoors. They must not be subjected to humid, salty or corrosive atmospheres.A service factor of 1.05 is marked for all the 1LL8 motors.The use at rated output corresponds to temperature class.

  • Converter-fed operation, optimal designed for the drive system SINAMICS
  • Cooling method: IC01
  • Degree of protection: IP23
  • 50 Hz
  • Temperature class F
  • Housing: Cast iron
  • Series 1LL8

Guide values for the admissible load torques at various speeds can be obtained from the diagrams below.

Thermal limit torque characteristic 1LL8

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Self-ventilated, through ventilation for converter-fed operation, 1LL8

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