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Siemens DC machines are used wherever power saving technology and high availability are required. Due to their high output density with small outside dimensions and their modular installation, they perfectly fit into even the smallest installation space. Due to the stepless adjustable speed, the drive can be optimally adapted to the respective conditions of use.

Together with the digital SIMOREG DC MASTER converter, the DC drives can be found in all industrial sectors all over the world.

DC technology is used in rolling mills, in paper machines, on cranes, in extruders, in printing machines, on presses and on skiing lifts.

Siemens DC machines are available for frame sizes from 100 to 630.

Depending on the frame size, the motors are built in 2, 4 or 6-pole versions.

Armature voltages of up to 810 V are also possible.

The motors are available with various cooling types like natural or separate cooling, open-circuit ventilation, surface cooling or closed-circuit ventilation with degrees of protection IP23 or IP54.

A vast range of installation and mounting accessories, as well as protection and monitoring devices round up our supply.

For selection of the motors there are at your disposal Catalog DA 12 · 2004 or the motor selection tool SINAMICS MICROMASTER SIZER with LD add ons.

This “Technical Information” may help you to solve additional problems concerning the configuration and operation of the DC machine. It contains a mounting description and an accessories description of the machines and serves as supplement to Catalog DA 12 · 2004.

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