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Injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, thermoforming

The demands placed on automation systems, such as those used in modern injection molding machines, have increased substantially in recent years. It is now assumed that the manufacturer of plastics processing machines has a control system that puts him fully in charge of the process. Moreover, the market expects intelligent and flexible solutions.

Modern plastics processing machines produce molded parts of consistent quality with an extremely high degree of reproducibility at optimum productivity levels. Control systems for modern plastics processing machines are suitably sophisticated.

However, the software must also be designed to control quality. Plastics processing companies increasingly require and use state-of-the-art software for process data acquisition (PDA) and visualization.

The whole is more than the sum of the parts:

Drives for plastics processing machines, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and everything you need to automate a plastics processing machine: A system sales unit has been set up specially for plastics technology, and offers complete solutions. The benefits for our customers are obvious:

  • Rapid engineering, from the initial idea to the implemented function

Tight cost control.

A complete solution consists of several components:

  • SIMATIC S7 programmable controller:
    • Standard CPUs or the CPU 614 central processing unit developed for the plastics industry
    • SIMATIC M7 automation computer
    • Input and output modules, as well as specially developed modules
    • Special modules for the plastics industry, such as the HS 724 heater control system
    • Special technology software
  • AC and DC drives and low-voltage switchgear
  • PROFIBUS DP network components
What does SIMATIC have to offer for these processes?

The automation solutions for plastics processing machines offered in this catalog are based on standard systems. These systems comprise the standard components of SIMATIC S7-300 and the SIMATIC M7-300 automation computer. For this hardware platform, Siemens has developed modular technology software ("technology blocks") specifically for the plastics processing industry.

Modular software for plastics processing machines. All functions included:

All the functions you need for a plastics processing machine are included in the software and only need to be configured. In the case of an injection molding machine, for example, these functions are:

  • Temperature control
  • Mold movement
  • Injection process
  • Quality assurance.
Integrated software solutions

New software - new problems? Not with Siemens. The software is integrated, from the operating system right down to the application, and is programmed by the control system manufacturer. You always get the highest performance and optimum support when you implement your solution, because all interaction between the hardware, operating system and application software is optimized.

The SIMATIC S7-CPU 614 and SIMATIC S7 automation computers allow integration of code written in the C programming language into STEP 7 programs.

The STEP 7 programming software includes editors for the programming languages ladder diagram (LAD), function block diagram (FBD), statement list (STL) and structured control language (SCL). All languages comply with the IEC 113-3 standard. Blocks with "memory" capability and structured data types facilitate structured programming. STEP 7 also includes tools for testing and starting up the SIMATIC S7 system. All of the editors and tools run on Windows.

Integrate your own expertise

What if you want to take your own approach to the problem? That's no problem either. The open structure of the modular software opens up a completely new range of options. By configuring the technology blocks you can mold your special application from the standard software. Or you can expand the software with your own blocks to meet the special demands of your application.

We must admit, however, that this will require some programming know-how on your part.

Use turnkey applications

We also offer complete applications. These applications have been tested on real injection molding and blow molding machines. You can benefit from the following advantages:

  • You can load an application straight onto your plastics processing machine
  • Each application allows you to configure the functional scope individually and to adapt it to your own plastics processing machine.

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