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Real success material: Flexible automation solutions from Siemens.

Whether you deal with natural or synthetic fibers, the tough business of the textiles industry with its short-lived trends, fierce competition and enormous cost pressure asks a lot of textile machine manufacturers. Those who use flexible yet economical concepts are always one step in front.

We have the automation solution for you: Standard components, economical to operate, available worldwide, future-proof and open.

We respond to your and your customer's special needs by expanding these standard components with customized hardware and software solutions.

Trade know-how is, of course, just as important as automation technology. Here again you're in the best hands, because we know a thing or two about textile technology. So, whether you want to talk about yarn manufacture or fabric production or finishing - you've come to the right people.

Systematic automation solutions - The fabric of the future

Thanks to the existence of tried and tested standards, you only need to procure the expertise once. Then you can use it again and again, because the pattern is always the same. Standards help reduce engineering time and thus keep your overall costs to a minimum.

Siemens solutions also provide for the easy interconnection of your automation components for a single, dare we say seamless, integrated concept.

And it goes without saying that the automation systems are expandable and network-capable. From distributed machine-level control tasks to complex system solutions. From single-station machines to a network incorporating a complete production shop with a central control console.

Last but not least, open interfaces mean you can connect proprietary solutions or third-party equipment. So you see: The future is integrated in solutions from Siemens.

And this security for the future is the common thread that holds the entire concept together: From SIMATIC S7 programmable controllers to I/Os, SIMATIC HMI human-machine interfaces and networking with PROFIBUS DP. Our range of products also includes actuators and sensors and a broad spectrum of drive systems.

Forget patchwork solutions: Choose a tailor-made system from Siemens

Standards where possible, add-ons where necessary: There's a lot to be said for tailor-made automation solutions from Siemens.

Not only do you save time and resources for your own development, but you have all you need at your fingertips for the most effective solution to your special automation application.

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