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From filling to palletizing:
The full bandwidth of packaging technology

Packaging has never attracted so much interest from business and the public as it does today. The interest has increased the need to develop economical packaging that is functional, sales-effective and ecologically sound.

It's obvious that this can only succeed using highly sophisticated, automated production equipment.

If this equipment incorporates Siemens automation solutions, you already have the best credentials for success. This is because our products and systems incorporate the latest technology and professional expertise.

When you choose an automation system made by Siemens, you can be sure that your system meets the three most important requirements of automation equipment:

  • The individual components are perfectly tailored for interaction. This ensures problem-free configuring and start-up as well as high availability during operation.
  • The automation equipment is designed to allow future expansion at low cost.
  • The automation solutions are suitable for integration in a larger "total" system. Open communication networks are available for this purpose.

Automation solutions based on SIMATIC have been a standard feature in the packaging industry for a number of years. The complete product range is based on a refined hardware, software and communication concept.

Perfect interaction

On the next pages, you will see the degree of perfection with which our automation and drive components interact. We will present automation solutions for a range of packaging machines. Our specialists can even automate your existing machines - all you need to do is ask!

  • Forming, filling and sealing
    Flexible format changing.
  • Tubular bagging machines
    No problems with adjustment for different lengths and synchronization of film with printed markings.
  • Filling and metering
    Smooth parameter transfer and operation with any nonlinear filling curves.
  • Sheet wrapping
    Short response times and a coordinated velocity profile.
  • Palletizing
    A wide array of objects to put on pallets and different models to be stored.

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