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Low-voltage motors in the marine version can be used as main and auxiliary drives below deck on ships and in the offshore industry. The thermal utilisation of the motors is matched to the generally higher ambient temperatures on board ship. If the application demands compliance with additional regulations, e.g. protection against explosion hazards, the appropriate motor series must be chosen.

The classification authorities categorise the drives on board ships into "essential services" and "non-essential services", depending on their field of application. These include the follow­ing requirements of the classification authorities:

Drives for
"essential services"

Drives for
"non-essential services"

Manufacture in accordance with reg­ulations of the classi­fication authorities



Acceptance test cer­tificate 3.1 according to EN 10204


Only required for motors with certificate

Type test certificate of the classification authority

Required up to a certain limit power

Not required

Individual accep­tance test by classifi­cation authority

Required above a specific output

Only required for motors with certificate

Supervision of con­struction and accep­tance test certificate 3.2 according to EN 10204

Required by some classi­fication authorities above a specific output

Not required

Typ test

All motors (with the exception of 1LA8, 1PQ8, 1LL8 and 1LH8 motors) are manufactured and type approved in accordance with the regulations of the following leading international classi­fication authorities:

  • GL (Germanischer Lloyd, Deutschland)
  • DNV (Det Norske Veritas, Norwegen)
  • LR (Lloyds Register, Gro?britannien)
  • BV (Bureau Veritas, Frankreich)

Individual acceptance testing is required in general for motor series 1LA8, 1PQ8, 1LL8 and 1LH8.

As an option, we can manufacture motors in accordance with the following classification authorities:

  • ABS (American Bureau of Shipping, USA)
  • RINA (Registro Italiano Navale, Italien)
  • CCS (Chinese Classification Society, China)

A type test certificate will however on be issued following individual acceptance testing.

Special versions that differ from the range defined in the catalogue are possible on request.

Individual acceptance and supervision of construction

Individual acceptance testing by a representative of the relevant classification authority is required for motors used in essential auxiliary drives, depending on their output:

  • GL ? 50 kW
  • LR ? 100 kW
  • DNV ? 300 kW
  • BV ? 50 kW

For individual acceptance testing of more than one identical motor in an order, a type test complete with heat run and the corresponding acceptance test must be performed for at least one motor.

In special cases, in addition to the acceptance test, supervision of construction may also be required. Supervision of construc­tion involves monitoring of the separate manufacturing stages of a motor by an inspector from the classification authority.

Каталог оборудования

Приводная техника

Двигатели переменного тока

Низковольтные двигатели

Low-Voltage Motors - IEC Squirrel-Cage Motors

1LE1 motor generation

Standard motors up to frame size 315 L

Non-standard motors frame size 315 and above

Explosion-proof motors

Motors operating with frequency converters

Pump motors

Fan motors

Compressor motors

Smoke-extraction motors

Marine motors


Type approved standard motors up to frame size 315 L

Type approved explosions-proof motors up to frame size 315 L

Type approved fan motors

Standard motors up to frame size 315 L

Non-standard motors up to frame size 315 and above

Explosion-proof motors up to frame size 315 and above

Special versions

Accessories and spare parts


Синхронные двигатели с возбуждением от постояннымх магнитов

Асинхронные серводвигатели/двигатели главного движения

Синхронные двигатели

Моментные двигатели 1FW

Мотор-шпиндель 2SP1 ECS

Линейные двигатели

Линейные двигатели 1FN

Шаговые двигатели 1FL3 SIMOSTEP

Системы измерения

Стояночный тормоз

Асинхронные двигатели - стандартная линия

Двигатели постоянного тока

Децентрализованная приводная техника


Преобразователи постоянного тока

Инструментальное программное обеспечение

Дополнительные компоненты

Техника автоматизации

Коммуникации и сети

Низковольтная коммутационная техника

Электроустановочная техника

Специализированные сенсоры

Блоки питания

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