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Products for Specific Requirements

SIPLUS products and systems for specific markets and extraordinary requirements stand for a high degree of ruggedness, efficiency and flexibility.

SIPLUS extreme – drive technology and automation technology for extreme requirements

For harsh environmental conditions, applications in corrosive environments, or extreme temperature ranges, the "standard" properties of an individual device or system are often no longer sufficient. Because, depending on the locations of use, the result could be restrictions in functionality and operational safety or even total failure of the system.

SIPLUS RIC – communication with standardized protocols

SIPLUS RIC is a telecontrol system based on the SIMATIC S7 automation system with internationally standardized communication protocols: it offers maximum functionality and modularity to meet the requirements for monitoring and control of spatially distributed systems, even under extreme environmental conditions. It is therefore suitable for industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, power generation and distribution, and transportation.

SIPLUS HCS – industrial heating processes - extremely precise and efficient

The SIPLUS HCS heating control systems convince by their fully developed technology, and they are ideally suited to controlling and switching heating elements. The powerful, modular and compact industrial heater control systems are the optimal solution for a host of applications in the plastics industry, the automotive industry, and the food and beverages industry.

SIDOOR – automatic door controllers – ingeniously simple

SIDOOR automatic door control is characterized by its optimum driving performance, which is automatically calculated at the door and continuously adhere to (1-button commissioning). SIDOOR is flexible and expandable by modular communication interfaces thanks to its independence of the respective door system. The door is continuously checked and controlled in a manner specific to the application.

SIPLUS CMS – intelligent maintenance protects investments on a lasting basis

With the SIPLUS CMS Condition Monitoring System all the machinery and the complete plant can be permanently monitored. Maintenance operations can be planned and carried out on schedule and in keeping with the concept of predictive maintenance; operational irregularities are detected early. SIPLUS CMS proves its worth day after day in applications all around the world, and in many industries contributes to a significant increase in machine and plant availability thanks to permanent monitoring of levels of vibration in machines, bearings and gear units – which in turn makes a huge contribution to increasing productivity.

SICLOCK – High-precision and reliable time synchronization for applications in the Industry, Energy and Mobility area

The SICLOCK product family offers a comprehensive range of optimally matched components for establishing highly reliable time synchronization systems for plants of any size.

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