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Our vision:

Siemens is the world's leading solution provider for complete automation and drive solutions with:

  • Technological competence for industry
  • Design competence for automation solutions with performance specifications
  • Implementation competence for total solutions
  • Worldwide support
Our motto:

Industry solutions from Siemens: More than just good products.

Our services:

We have comprehensive industrial expertise in the automation of:

  • Plastics and rubber processing machines, cable and wire-drawing machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Textiles machines and machines for the footwear and leather industries
  • Presses and forming machines
  • Machines for woodworking
  • Machines for glass, ceramics and stone processing.

We have concepts for machine optimization and process enhancement. We base our solutions on innovative technology, such as fuzzy logic and neural networks and state controllers. We provide economical solutions through the use of standard products, tried-and-tested software modules and our own innovations.

We design customized solutions with clearly defined performance specifications for the total system. Our staff are qualified and experienced in the punctual implementation of fixed-price projects.

We offer services for design engineering, configuration, software development, cabinet installations, assembly and commissioning. We support our customers with a worldwide service and logistics network.


Under “System solutions for branches” you will find examples of important applications, solutions and industry-specific add-on products both on the hardware and on the software side.

Under “System solutions and products for industry” these add-ons are described in detail, including technical data and ordering data.

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