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The universal SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system with its unique scalable architecture and outstanding system characteristics is an ideal basis for the cost-effective implementation of process control plants and their economical operation over the entire lifecycle.

Integrated within Siemens' Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), a complete range of perfectly matched products, systems and solutions for all sectors of the production, process and hybrid industries, it is essential for the hierarchically integrated automation of the entire process chain of the company – from incoming goods to outgoing logistics.

Specifically extended by seamless integration of additional functions, e.g. for batch process automation, material transport control, advanced process control, asset management, telecontrol and security applications, process data analysis/management, or MES tasks, SIMATIC PCS 7 already offers far more than a typical process control system.

As if that were not enough, system properties such as modularity, flexibility, scalability and openness offer the ideal conditions for integrating supplementary components and solutions - the "add-ons" for SIMATIC PCS 7 - into the process control system on a practical basis. The add-ons developed in-house by Siemens or by external partners for special automation tasks are aimed at extending the range of applications of the process control system and thereby enhancing its status.

In order to hold our ground in international competition driven by globalization, it is necessary to increase the productivity of plants on a continuous basis, while at the same time minimizing product launch times. In this context, it is essential to modernize aging automation plants and migrate them on a step-by-step basis into the latest generation of control systems.

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