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SIMATIC identification systems for more economical production and logistics processes

SIMATIC Ident industrial identification systems

Identification systems help companies to keep ahead in ever dynamic markets: Automatic data acquisition by means of RFID or 1D and 2D codes makes it possible to meet the constantly increasing demands for production control, material flow control, asset management, tracking and tracing, and supply chain management. Siemens provides the key technology you need for this purpose. As a global leading vendor of identification systems with more than 25 years of profound technology and industry know-how, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of RFID systems and code reading systems – from a single source. With us as a partner, you rely on simple system integration in the automation and IT level and also technologically neutral application consulting.

The right solution for every identification task

Whether it be just-in-sequence production or reliable and uninterrupted traceability of products or batches: machine-readable and automated, non-contact identification systems are increasingly being used in intelligent material flow and production control. Thus, data matrix codes (DMC) or radio frequency identification (RFID) convince users with their high data reliability and have proven themselves in diverse applications – even in rugged industrial environments. In comparison with manual identification and detection techniques, they enable a clear reduction of time and work effort. Main criteria for the choice of suitable storage and identification technology:

  • Is the data medium returned to production (closed loop) or does it leave production along with the product at the end of the processing chain (open loop)?
  • One-time or repeated identification/writeability within the processing chain?
  • Detection distance/ranges and lighting conditions/contrast
  • Condition of products to be marked and the space available for placing a marking
  • Potential interference sources such as ambient temperatures and soiling

RFID systems

Code reading systems




Presence detection






Reading/writing data



Be it in production, logistics or distribution – if you would like to know everything about production or the flow of goods at all times and in every location, then our intelligent electronic RFID systems are just the right thing for you.

They identify reliably, quickly and economically, they store data directly on the product or object and they are unaffected by contamination.

Thus, they control and optimize material flow, warehouse logistics or order picking.

Clear coding of products or product parts is a central requirement in modern production.

Our code reading systems, provide suitable products for reading and verifying 1D/2D codes such as barcode and data matrix code.

This permits tracing of production lots beyond the production plant.

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