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PC Cubicle

A variant of the 8MC/8MF system cubicles can also be ordered as a PC cubicle. The PC cubicle is a robust construction and is thus suitable for use in industrial environments.

All benefits of the system cubicles, such as self-tapping screw terminals, protective conductor concept and cubicle stability, are to be found also in the PC cubicle.

How does the PC cubicle differ from a system cubicle

The standard door is replaced by:

  • An upper compartment door
    • Two espagnolette locks
    • Monitor cut-out with inspection pane
    • Perforated shelf
    • At bottom, perforated shelf for the computer
  • A hinged flap (center)
    • Height approx. 150 mm with 90° stay
    • Plastic handle (black)
    • Behind, a telescopic shelf for a keyboard
    • Pull-out side extension for a mousepad
  • A lower compartment door
    • Two espagnolette locks
    • Telescopic shelf for a printer

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