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System Cubicle - Earthquake-Resistant
8MF6 system cubicle in an earthquake-resistant version

The demand for system cubicles in regions with a higher risk of earthquakes continues to rise. For this reason, we have been the first system cubicle manufacturer to develop a generally earthquake- resistant system cubicle. The design has been subjected to thorough vibration testing (simulated earthquakes). When developing this system cubicle, we were able to make use of the considerable know-how already present in the company in the field of earthquake-resistant switchgear (SIVACON). This enabled us to derive the necessary measures for adaptation of the 8MF6 cubicle.

This cubicle is a certified earthquake-resistant system cubicle. An appropriate weight distribution and center of gravity are prescribed by the certification and serve as a guideline for interior installations.

The devices and components installed by the customer must also satisfy the relevant demands. Installations can be mounted in the system cubicle in three planes (rear, center and front), the front plane being intended for 19-inch expansions.

By eliminating cost-intensive cross-bonding, we have not only achieved a favorable price, but are also able to perform deliveries at short notice (approx. 4 weeks after receipt of an order).

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