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ePS Network Services
ePS Network Services
Innovation potential for servicing and maintenance

The objective of ePS Network Services is to increase the productivity and availability of machines and to optimize global service and maintenance processes.

The services operate on an Internet-based platform. They support company-wide service and support processes.

To minimize the occurrence of faults, ePS Network Services provide maintenance departments and machine manufacturers with services that enable the status of machines and individual components to be evaluated cyclically. Parts subject to wear, such as bearings and guides, are of particular relevance.

Unscheduled downtimes can be significantly reduced. Test procedures based on standards, such as circularity and synchronization tests, can be used in this context. The trend analysis evaluates the test results throughout the life cycle of a machine.

This ongoing evaluation means that maintenance measures can be scheduled on a predictive and selective basis and that inspection and maintenance procedures can be optimized. On the basis of process or utilization, the maintenance department can determine which spare parts will be needed when and where on site.


  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased system availability
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of lifecycle costs

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