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IO-Link I/O modules

The IO-Link technology also permits the connection of standard sensors to the IO-Link master. However, such a direct connection of standard sensors to the IO-Link master does not tap the full potential of IO-Link. The technology of the IO-Link modules provides a solution here. Their use represents a more cost-effective solution compared to a direct sensor/actuator connection.

IO-Link I/O modules are a practical extension of the ET200S distributed I/O.

The technology of the IO-Link I/O modules extends the IO-Link beyond a pure point-to-point connection and creates distributed structures. It must be considered that the cable length of an IO-Link connection restricts the distance between an IO-Link module and the master to max. 20 m.

No passive distributors are used and therefore there is no associated laborious and fault-prone wiring.

Transfer of parameters and diagnostic messages

IO-Link I/O modules also permit the transfer of parameters and diagnostic messages. For example, the inputs of the modules can be parameterized as NC or NO contacts via IO-Link. An overload or short circuit in the sensor supply is signaled via the IO-Link master to the controller.

M8 and M12 connections

M8 and M12 connections are available for connecting the sensors. A standard M12 connecting cable is used for connection to the IO-Link master.

Technology with IO-Link I/O modules

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