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SIMATIC PXS310C M18 sonar proximity switches

SIMATIC PXS310C ultrasonic proximity switch

The SIMATIC PXS310C ultrasonic proximity switch can detect many different objects and signal their distance with millimeter precision. Material and color play no role.

Due to the bidirectional IO-Link interface, the distance data is provided direct as numerical value without complex analog conversion. The sensor can then be easily parameterized from the controller. The IO-Link interface also transfers diagnostic information from the sensor to the controller.

The proximity switch is connected to the IO-Link master via a standard M12 connecting cable. If the proximity switch is connected to a standard I/O module, it operates as proximity switch with switching output.


  • Compact design M18
  • Small blind zone
  • Large sensing range up to 100 cm
  • Simple connection method: M12 connector, 4-pole, type F
  • Supports COM and SIO mode according to the IO-Link specification
  • Transfer of measured value and switching state
  • Faster transfer of measured values to the controller
  • Dynamic change of the parameters

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