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SIMOTION CX32 Controller Extension

The CX32 Controller Extension is a SINAMICS S120-type component and permits the drive-side computing power for the SIMOTION D product range to be scaled. Each CX32 can control up to six additional servo axes.

The controller is connected to SIMOTION D with DRIVE-CliQ which ensures high-performance isochronous drive control without additional modules. The communication interfaces on the SIMOTION D modules remain available for other connections. With a width of 25 mm (0.98 in) the module requires very little space and is therefore perfectly suited for use in compact machines.

The data for the SIMOTION CX32 is stored exclusively on the SIMOTION D module which means no action has to be taken if the module is replaced. The SIMOTION CX32 can be operated on the SIMOTION D445 and D435 Control Units.

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SIMOTION CX32 Controller Extension

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