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SINAMICSS120 system overview

Modular system for demanding drive tasks

SINAMICSS120 solves demanding drive tasks for a wide range of industrial applications and is, therefore, designed as a modular system. Users can choose from many different harmonized components and functions to create a solution that best meets their requirements. SIZER, a high-performance configuration tool, makes it easier to choose and determine the optimum drive configuration.

SINAMICSS120 is enhanced by a wide range of motors. Whether synchronous or asynchronous, all motor types are supported by SINAMICSS120.

Drive for multi-axis applications

The trend towards separate axes in machine building is growing all the time. Where possible, central drives are being replaced by electronically coordinated servo drives. Drives with coupled DC links are required for this purpose, as they support economic energy exchange between braking and driving axes.
SINAMICSS120 boasts line supplies and inverter modules covering a wide power range, which, having been designed for seamless integration, pave the way for compact multi-axis drive configurations.

New system architecture with a central Control Unit

Electronically coordinated individual drives work together to perform your drive tasks. Higher-level controllers operate the drives to achieve the required coordinated movement. This requires cyclic data exchange between the controller and all the drives. This exchange usually took place via a field bus, which required a great deal of time and effort for installation and configuration. SINAMICSS120 takes a different approach. A central Control Unit controls the drives for all connected axes and also establishes the technological links between the drives and/or axes. Since all the required data is stored in the central Control Unit, it does not need to be transferred. Inter-axis connections can be established within a Control Unit and easily configured in the STARTER commissioning tool.

Simple technological tasks can be carried out automatically by the SINAMICSS120 Control Unit. For complex numerical or motion-control tasks, high-performance SIMOTIOND modules are used instead.

DRIVE-CLiQ the digital interface between all components

All SINAMICSS120 components, including the motors and encoders, are interconnected via a joint serial interface called DRIVE-CLiQ. The standardized cables and connectors reduce the variety of different parts and cut inventory costs.

Converter boards (Sensor Modules) for converting standard encoder signals to DRIVE-CLiQ are available for third-party motors or retrofit applications.

Electronic rating plate in all components

Detection of electronic rating plates via DRIVE-CLiQ with SINAMICSS120

All SINAMICSS120 components have an electronic rating plate that contains all the relevant data about that particular component. In the motors, for example, this data includes the parameters of the electric equivalent circuit diagram and characteristic values for the built-in motor encoder. The Control Unit records this data automatically via DRIVE-CLiQ so that it does not need to be entered during commissioning or when the equipment is replaced.

In addition to the technical data, the rating plate includes logistical data (manufacturer ID, order number, and globally unique ID). Since this data can be called up electronically on site or remotely, all the components used in a machine can always be individually identified, which helps simplify servicing.

SINAMICS S120 drive system components

SINAMICSS120 component overview

The component overview features the SINAMICSS120 components that are primarily used for multi-axis drive tasks.

The following power components are available:

  • Line-side power components such as fuses, contactors, reactors, and filters for switching the power supply and meeting EMC requirements.
  • Line Modules, which supply power centrally to the DC link.
  • DC link components, which can be used as options to stabilize the DC link voltage and/or to buffer the electronics power supply.
  • Motor Modules, which act as inverters, receive power from the DC link, and buffer the connected motors.

The SINAMICSS120 components have been developed for installation in cabinets. They have the following features and characteristics:

  • Easy to handle, simple installation and wiring
  • Practical connection system, cable routing in accordance with EMC requirements
  • Standardized design, seamless integration
  • Internal cooling-fans (other cooling methods available on request)

To carry out the required functions, SINAMICSS120 is equipped with:

  • AControl Unit that carries out all drive and technological functions across all axes.
  • Additional system components that enhance functionality and offer different interfaces for encoders and process signals.

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