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SINAMICS G150 Drive converter cabinet units

SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units, versions A and C

With its SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units, Siemens is offering a drive system on which all line-side and motor-side components as well as the Power Module are integrated extremely compactly into a specially designed cabinet enclosure. This approach minimizes the effort and expense required to configure and install them.

SINAMICS G150 has been specially tuned to the requirements of drives with quadratic and constant load characteristics, with medium performance requirements and without regenerative feedback.

The control accuracy of the sensorless Vector Control is suitable for most applications, and additional actual speed value encoders are therefore superfluous.

However, the SINAMICS G150 converters are optionally available with an encoder evaluator in order to handle applications that require an encoder for plant-specific reasons.

SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units offer an economic drive solution that can be matched to customers’ specific requirements by adding from the wide range of available components and options.

There are two versions of the drive converter cabinet units:

  • Version A
    All available line connection components, such as the main switch, circuit-breakers, line contactor, line fuses, line filter, motor-side components, and additional monitoring devices, can be installed as required. This version is also available with power units connected in parallel.
  • Version C
    This offers an extremely space-optimized structure without line-side components. This particularly slimline version can be used, for example, when line connection components are accommodated in a central low-voltage distribution panel (MCC) on the plantside.

The SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units are available for the following voltages and power ranges:

Line voltage

Power range for single circuit

(versions A and C)

Power range for parallel circuit

(version A)

380 ... 480 V 3 AC

110 ... 560 kW

630 ... 900 kW

500 ... 600 V 3 AC 

110 ... 560 kW

630 ... 1000 kW

660 ...  690 V 3 AC 

75 ... 800 kW

1000 ... 1500 kW

Degrees of protection are IP20 (standard), and, as an option, IP21, IP23, IP43 and IP54.

Global use

SINAMICS G150 drive converter cabinet units are manufactured in compliance with relevant international standards and regulations, and are therefore suitable for global use (> Technical specifications).

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