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ALPHA 400-ZS meter cabinets

For use anywhere, anytime

Minimal assembly time and high modularity – those are the two great features of the ALPHA 400-ZS with quick assembly kits.

The new system consists of distributors and meter cabinets according to power utility standards and offers a wide range of cabinets: 20 different sizes are available in three designs each respectively (IP31, IP43 and IP55). That covers any requirement – in residential buildings, as well as in non-residential and industrial buildings.

The quick assembly kits enable you to equip your meter cabinets and distribution board cabinets individually and according to specific power utility standards for all cabinet heights, both over a width of 250 mm and across the entire width of the cabinet.

  • This makes the system very variable.
  • You just snap on the quick assembly kits after each kit base has been inserted in the supporting element - and the quick assembly kit is installed.
  • In addition, you can equip and wire the quick assembly kit outside the cabinet and then place it in the mounted cabinet. This is practical for protecting your modular devices against damage when cleaning or painting.
  • If you are looking for a more cost-effective version, choose the Flat Pack. The delivery in assembly kits reduces the delivery volume and also saves storage space. The cabinet can be assembled very quickly.
  • Also available as Flat Pack: the ALPHA 630 - DIN floor-mounted distribution board and the ALPHA 160 - DIN wall-mounted distribution board.

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