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SIMATIC PCS 7 Library PAC3200
SIMATIC PCS 7 Library PAC3200

The PCS 7 function block library - SIMATIC PCS 7 Library PAC3200 - for the SENTRON PAC3200 multifunction measuring instrument enables the seamless integration of the multifunction instrument in the PCS 7 process world.

It comprises one driver block, one diagnostics block and the faceplates. The blocks in the SIMATIC S7 supply energy data to the faceplates in the user interface of the process control system, generate signals and guarantee connection to the maintenance system of PCS 7.


Faceplates serve as a user interface for operating and monitoring and enable technologically important values and functions of the SENTRON PAC3200 to be displayed and performed as a PCS 7 object.

Between the faceplates and the blocks as well as between the blocks and the SENTRON PAC3200 there exist on the system side bidirectional communication connections not only for displaying values in the faceplates but also for forwarding input data to the device.

This makes the SENTRON PAC3200 power monitoring device an integral component of PCS 7.

Supported operating systems are the same as for SIMATIC PCS 7, see Catalog ST PCS 7 or our Mall section "Automation Systems" --> "Process Automation" --> "Process Control Systems".

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