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CNC controls
Compact, strong, simple simply perfect

The compact, operator-panel-based SINUMERIK 828D BASICT/BASICM CNCs are extremely rugged and very easy to maintain.

Powerful CNC functions coupled with a unique 80-bit NANOFP accuracy permit excellent workpiece precision to be achieved in very short machining times. Thanks to a flexible CNC programming language as well as the unique machining step programming package ShopTurn/ShopMill, it is possible to program and machine mass-production parts or single workpieces with highest efficiency. Preconfigured technology-specific system software and unique service functions reduce the costs for commissioning and service to an absolute minimum.

Tailored for standard turning machines

The SINUMERIK 828D BASICT CNC is perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of modern standard turning machines. With powerful kinematic transformations and an extensive range of technology cycles, the SINUMERIK828D BASICT is also ideal for demanding machining applications with driven tools.

Perfectly tailored and preconfigured for:

  • Up to 5axes/spindles in one machining channel
  • Face end machining with driven tools
  • Peripheral surface machining with driven tools
... and standard milling machines

The SINUMERIK828D BASICM CNC is perfectly tailored to meet the requirements of modern standard milling machines. With its integral technology package SINUMERIK MDynamics including the new intelligent motion and velocity control Advanced Surface, the SINUMERIK828D BASICM is also ideally equipped for the machining of molded workpieces.

Perfectly tailored and preconfigured for:

  • Up to 5axes/spindles in one machining channel
  • Peripheral surface machining with Aaxis
  • Machining and application in mold making

Drive system
The new drive class for compact machine concepts

The SINAMICSS120Combi drive system offers the usual SINAMICS functionality in a multi-axis drive module tailored for compact turning and milling machines. With a host of technical highlights, the SINAMICS S120Combi sets new standards in this drive class.

SINAMICS S120Combi integrates a line infeed with regenerative feedback capability as well as 3or 4Motor Modules for spindle and feed motors in one Power Module. The power spectrum extends up to 16kW spindle power (S1) and up to 12A current (S1) for feed motors.

SINAMICS S120Combi thus covers the typical range of power ratings of compact standard turning and milling machines and is therefore the perfect drive partner for the SINUMERIK 828D BASICT/BASICM compact controls.

The solution for machines with higher power ratings

For machine concepts beyond the power limit of the SINAMICS S120Combi, we naturally offer another solution. As an alternative to SINAMICS 120Combi, you can connect the modular SINAMICSS120 drive system to the SINUMERIK828D BASICT/BASICM.

To configure your equipment, use our SIZER configuration tool or seek advice from your Siemens sales representative. The technical specifications as well as the order numbers can be found in our catalog NC61 or the Siemens Industry Mall.

1FK7 feed motors maximum precision in the machine

The performance and accuracy of the CNC control and drive are useful only if they can be transferred to the machine axes. It is exactly for this purpose that the 1FK7 feed motors with their unique dynamic response and accuracy are required.

1PH8 spindle motors peak performance for the spindle

What is the power center of a machine The spindle of course. With the 1PH8 spindle motors we offer the perfect solution for this purpose. Very fast acceleration times and a wide speed range with high output guarantee maximum productivity of your machine.

We can also provide customized solutions

In addition to the range of motors described, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for feed and spindle applications. Your Siemens sales representative will be happy to advise you on how to configure your individual equipment.

An additional range of motors can be found in our catalog NC61 or in the Siemens Industry Mall.

The overall system
SINUMERIK 828D BASICT/BASICM with SINAMICS S120 Combi and motors
The perfect basis for safe machine concepts

With Safety Integrated, the SINUMERIK 828D BASICT/BASICM offers an optimum platform for the implementation of safe machine concepts. Operation when protective doors are open A safe speed monitoring function makes it possible to manage requirements of this type.

The Safety Integrated functions of the SINUMERIK828D BASICT/BASICM conform to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. As a result, it is possible to comply economically and efficiently with the machine safety regulations applicable in Europe or other countries.

Perfectly coordinated configurationsQuick Packages

We have already combined the drive components for the SINUMERIK828D BASICT/BASICM into Quick Packages:

  • 1FK7 feed motors
  • 1PH8 spindle motor
  • SINAMICS S120 Combi

You can, of course, assemble your own individual equipment package. To configure your equipment, use our SIZER configuration tool or seek advice from your Siemens sales representative.

24 months material warranty and on-site service

For the worst-case scenario, you will receive a material warranty and a free on-site service period for the SINUMERIK828D BASICT/BASICM and the associated components (except for complete motor spindles) by Siemens Industry Sector, IA&DT.

You benefit because we eliminate any defects on our components free of charge on site, i.e. directly at the site of installation of your machine.

Further information about the conditions and the scope of the warranty and the on-site service can be found at:

Engineering software
SIZER configuration tool

SIZER configuration tool: SINUMERIK 828D PPU240.2

SIZER configuration tool: SINAMICS S120 Combi

Intelligent configuring of equipment

The SIZER configuration tool allows you to configure your CNC system interactively from a range of equipment including the SINUMERIK CNC, SINAMICS drive system and motors as well as accessories such as machine control panel and cables. A comprehensive online help provides you with important technical information on the individual equipment components as well as the dimensioning process. In addition, SIZER presents you with the necessary decision-making criteria for selecting the most suitable components.

SIZER also helps to optimize the energy efficiency of the CNC equipment by selecting the drive configuration with the lowest energy consumption.

Perfect equipment step by step

Thanks to its intelligent workflow, SIZER guides you step by step to a perfectly dimensioned equipment package:

  • Selection of the spindle and feed motors on the basis of the mechanical properties and power rating of your machine
  • Assignment of the SINAMICS drive components, including additional components such as filters, line reactors and connecting cables
  • Selection of the CNC control including system software and CNC options
  • Selection of the CNC accessories such as PLC I/Os, machine control panels, and handheld units
All data readily available

Once you have finished the configuration, SIZER supplies all the important data needed for the next stage in the configuring process:

  • Parts list of all equipment components with order numbers
  • Technical specification of the system
  • Motor characteristics
  • Layout diagram for drive and CNC components
  • Dimensional drawings of the hardware components in CAD format
  • Single-line diagram for comparing the energy consumption of individual drive configurations

For a nominal charge, SIZER can be ordered on DVD-ROM or downloaded free of charge from the Internet under the following link.

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