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Renewable Energy
Answers for the environment.

The Siemens portfolio of environmental products is making an important contribution to protecting the environment and climate. It comprises outstanding products and solutions located along the entire length of the value-adding chain that make a direct, verifiable contribution to environmental and climate protection:

From the generation of energy through its distribution as far as its use – in both private households and in industry. Power plants that produce electricity from sunlight, factories and buildings that require minimal energy, trains which travel fast powered by a sustainable energy source – many of our products contribute significantly to improving the quality of life of our children.

Siemens has always supplied products and solutions designed to protect the environment and climate.

Just one example:

As early as 1873, Werner von Siemens developed a technology to prevent ash emissions from chimneys. Today, technologies which are proven to help our customers protect the environment are bundled together in the Siemens environment portfolio.

These include:

  • Products and systems which are significantly more energy efficient than comparable solutions, for example, combined gas and steam turbine power plants, energy-saving lamps or intelligent building technologies.
  • Installations for the utilization of renewable energy and their components, for example, wind turbines or steam turbines for thermal solar power plants.
  • Environmental technologies we employ to safeguard clean water and air.

We have again added a large number of products to our environment portfolio, including energy-saving motors, solar inverters, solutions for efficient, low-emission processes in the oil, gas and metal-processing industries, as well as selected components for energy-saving building technologies.

The systems we installed between 2002 and the end of 2008 are reducing CO2 emissions by around 160 million tons per year, and the products and systems from our environment portfolio which were newly installed for our customers in 2009 are reducing CO2 emissions by a further 50 million tons per year.

The total annual CO2 savings for 2009 therefore amount to 210 million tons, corresponding in quantity to the CO2 emitted in total each year by New York, Tokyo, London, Munich and Berlin. The savings achieved by our customers are therefore more than 50 times higher than our own greenhouse gas emissions of 3.8 million tons over the year 2009.

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