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Ex p(x)
Loher motors in Ex p(x)

The motors are certified according to the latest standard EN 60079 in the highest level px.
An explosive atmosphere is prevented from entering the motor by an inert gas that is kept at a specific pressure inside the motor. The mounted control device controls the purging process. In this operation gas with several times the volume of the motor is passed through the motor before it is started. In subsequent normal operation, the control device monitors the slight overpressure in the motor and regulates any losses due to leakage and the flow of the inert gas. All of the functions are parameterized, tested and documented in the factory. The pressurized enclosure permits safe and reliable operation in Zone 1 for the widest range of cooling types - even in the upper power range.

Power range:
Vario series: 80 to 2150 kW
J series: 355 to 10000 kW

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