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Premium Service "Advanced Process Control"

The Premium Service Advanced Process Control is split into three complementary modules that can be ordered individually:

Module 1:
Determination of the APC optimization potential through analysis by experts
  • One-day Workshop for analyzing the customer's production processes and process automation with the aim or determining process variables for the optimization by means of conventional and superior closed-loop control methods
  • Participants: Siemens experts and representatives of the client with profound knowledge of the process and its automation
  • Prior agreement of workshop details between client and contractor, e.g. on the basis of a target-oriented specification
  • Where necessary, the client provides the required basic material for the workshop, e.g. flowcharts and descriptions of the production process
  • Typical workshop content:
    • Examination of the process engineering, focusing on economically relevant process variables that can be optimized
    • Analysis of the basic automation
    • Consideration of conventional closed-loop control procedures and potential APC methods
    • Determining the customer benefit
  • Result: Workshop documentation with evaluation of the APC potential and specific recommendations for further actions
Module 2:
Preparation of a feasibility study
  • Approx. one week feasibility study for verification and detailing of the optimization potential identified in Module 1:
    • Substantiated analysis of the identified optimization candidates
    • Preparation of optimization options
  • Participants: Siemens experts and representatives of the client
  • Prerequisites:
    • Basic automation, closed-loop control concept and instrumentation comply with the current state of the art
    • Detailed information is available about the processes considered and their method of operation
    • Access to the customer's process control system is possible, e.g. for recoding data of relevant process variables during operation
  • Inclusive services:
    • Preparation of process expertise, e.g. by tracking the reactions to targeted minimal interventions in the process or by exchanging experiences with the plant operators
    • Examination of the current closed-loop control concept for optimization potential
    • Presentation of suggestions for actual optimization measures
    • Assessment of the suggested optimization measures
    • Cost estimation of the implementation with an accuracy of ±25 %
    • Basic deadlines for implementation of measures
  • Result: Documentation of the feasibility study with qualitative and financial evaluation of possible optimization measures and specific recommendations for further actions
Module 3:
Implementation of the prepared feasibility study
  • Implementation of the optimization measures recommended in Module 2
  • Content is the subject of an individual agreement between client and contractor
  • Typical service content:
    • Plant tests and model creation
    • APC implementation in the process control system
    • Commissioning
    • Training
    • Involvement in the validation in a field regulated by GMP (good manufacturing practice)
  • Basis for the individual agreement is a project-specific quotation provided by Siemens as the contractor
  • Inquiries for production of a quotation should be directed to the address specified under "Further information"

The modules of the Premium Service "Advance Process Control" do not include any traveling expenses. Traveling expenses from the Hoechst Industrial Estate, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, will be invoiced separately.

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