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Premium Service "Batch to Conti"

The Premium Service "Batch to Conti" consists of three modules which build upon each other and which can be ordered individually:

Module 1:
Determination of batch-to-continuous optimization potential through analysis by experts
  • One-day workshop to analyze the chemical synthesis processes
  • Participants: Siemens experts and representatives of the client with profound knowledge of the process
  • Pre-definition of workshop details between client and contractor, e.g. discussion of the chemical processes and visiting of the existing production plant
  • Qualitative evaluation of the optimization potential with consideration of possible energy savings, expected increase in product yield, required investment, scale-up possibilities, and safety aspects
  • Result: Workshop documentation with qualitative evaluation of the batch-to-continuous potential, and specific recommendations for further actions
Module 2:
Preparation of a feasibility study
  • One-week feasibility study for detailed, project-based process analysis with qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the benefits of process optimization
  • Participants: Siemens experts and representatives of the client
  • Experimental investigation of the optimization potential determined in Module 1 by means of laboratory tests
  • Individual targets are, e.g.:
    • Increase in yield and space/time turnover
    • Integration of several reaction stages in one equipment
  • Inclusive services:
    • Project-specific adaptation of the continuous laboratory system for the tests (max. 2 days in the laboratory)
    • Production of a test plan and agreement with the client
    • Carrying out of tests (4 days in the laboratory)
    • Processing and documentation of test results
  • Extra services (separate charge):
    • Analysis of test samples: agreement on analytical methods between client and contractor; billing of analyses carried out by Siemens according to actual requirement
  • Result: Feasibility study, consisting of documentation on trials, qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the optimization potential (Return on Investment), and specific recommendations for implementation
Module 3:
Implementation of the produced feasibility study
  • Implementation of knowledge gained in Modules 1 and 2 in a specific project
  • Content is the subject of an individual agreement between client and contractor
  • Basis for the individual agreement is a project-specific quotation provided by Siemens as the contractor
  • Inquiries for production of a quotation should be directed to the address specified under "Further information"

The modules of the Premium Service "Batch to Conti" do not include any traveling expenses. Traveling expenses from the Hoechst Industrial Estate, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, will be invoiced separately.

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