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An overview of our main services:
  • Consulting and design
  • Application development (runtime program, creation of screen-based displays)
  • Special process-related add-ons
  • HMI (human machine interface/user interface) development or customization
  • Training
  • Start-up
  • Documentation
  • Hotline and telephone support.

Our range of services is offered as building blocks. You can choose modules to meet your specific needs.

Consulting and design

We can design a complete engineering concept for the automation of your machine.

Examples of solutions already implemented:

  • Injection molding machine
  • Plastics blow molding machine
  • Tubular bagging machine
  • Bottling plant
  • Textile weaving machine

Together with your on-site specialists, we examine the machine to produce a design tailored to your exact needs. One working day is usually adequate for this analysis. We then supply you with a specification document with a hardware and software design concept and a suggested user interface, complete with a fixed-price offer for implementation. We arrange the overall price for the "design" service according to the specific task.

Application development

We develop runtime programs, technology functions and visualization software for you or liaise with your staff while they develop the software, according to your needs. We refer to standardized projects during the development phase. The runtime program, technology functions and visualization software are clearly separated and allow appropriate task allocation between several team members. Our systems are easy to handle and are fully open. You can add to existing displays, combine any technology functions over a bit interface, or insert new technology blocks of your choice. Our project leaders and team members are there to help you get to grips with the software and will even handle specific assignments at your request.

Specialist support

We can supply add-on technical functions to our standard products at a fixed price. You benefit from our full experience and trade expertise. The modular software design enables rapid implementation of high-quality products.

HMI (human-machine interface) development or customization

This is where your machine interfaces with the user. To meet your special needs, we have created Competence Centers for SIMATIC HMI devices. Here, we can customize operator panels for you with special functions and special layouts.

Examples include SPC or equation interpreter. The application interface also allows us to develop special solutions for you for WinCC applications.


As part of a joint project, you receive intensive training in the main aspects of your system, e.g. the runtime program, technology interface to operator control and monitoring equipment (HMI), technology software and interfaces.


After completion of a joint project, you are able to self-sufficiently start up your machine with its new automation solution. That is the goal of our project approach. However, we can support you during the start-up phase. The experience gained from the initial trials feeds straight back into our products and allows us to make modifications immediately. Start-up is performed by our project leaders or system specialists and is charged at our applicable engineering rates. This generally encompasses approximately one week start-up support and telephone consulting until completion of start-up.


After the project has been completed, you receive detailed documentation of all the main components of the system.

Hotline and telephone service

In addition to the well-known SIMATIC Hotline we are available during normal working hours to answer questions on your projects and specific products and add-ons.

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