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SIMATIC PDM Process Device Manager

Configuration options with SIMATIC PDM

SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) is a universal, vendor-independent tool for the configuration, parameterization, commissioning, diagnostics and servicing of intelligent field devices (sensors and actuators) and field components (remote I/Os, multiplexers, control-room devices, compact controllers), which in the following sections will be referred to simply as devices.

Usingonesoftware, SIMATIC PDM enables the processing of more than 1200 devices from Siemens and over 100 vendors worldwide ononehomogeneous user interface. Parameters and functions for all supported devices are displayed in a consistent and uniform fashion independent of their communications interface.

From the viewpoint of device integration, SIMATIC PDM is the most powerful open device manager available in the world. Devices which previously were not supported can be easily integrated in SIMATIC PDM at any time by importing their device descriptions (EDD). This provides security for your investment and saves you investment costs, training expenses and consequential costs.

SIMATIC PDM is integrated in the asset management of SIMATIC PCS 7. The Process Device Manager provides wider information for all devices described by the Electronic Device Description (EDD), e.g. detailed diagnostics information (vendor information, information on fault diagnostics and troubleshooting, further documentation), modification logbook (audit trial), parameter information. It is possible to change directly to SIMATIC PDM from the diagnostics faceplates in the maintenance station.

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