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Belt Scales

Belt scales help maximize the use of raw materials, control inventories, and aid in the manufacturing of a consistent product. Milltronics belt scales from Siemens are easy to install, and require little maintenance. They produce repeatable, accurate results. These belt scales show minimal hysteresis and superior linearity, and ignore side loading. Load cell overload protection is a feature of the belt scale design. With use of approved intrinsically safe barrier strips, all belt scales can be used in hazardous locations.

Typical System

A typical belt scale system has a weigh bridge structure supported on load cells, an electronic integrator, and a belt speed sensor. The load cells measure the material weight on the belt, and send a signal to the integrator. The integrator also receives input in the form of electrical pulses from a belt speed sensor connected to a tail or bend pulley. Using these two sources of data, the integrator calculates the rate of material transferred along the belt using the equation weight x speed = rate.

Belt scale operation

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