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All shut-off fittings can be secured onto walls, racks (72 mm grid) and vertical and horizontal pipes.

This has the advantage that, when assembling a plant, the shut-off fittings can be secured first and the lines for the medium and differential pressure can then be connected to them. It is then possible to check all connections for leaks and to blow out or flush the pipes in order to remove dirt (welding residues, shavings etc.).

The measuring instruments can be screwed onto the shut-off fittings right at the end when all piping has been completed.

If an instrument has to be removed for maintenance, the fittings and pipes remain intact. It is only necessary to close the valves – the instrument can then be removed, and refitted following maintenance.

Classification according to pressure equipment directive (DGRL 97/23/EC):

For gases of fluid group 1 and liquids of fluid group 1; compliance with requirements of article 3, paragraph 3 (sound engineering practice).

New standard DIN EN 61518

The flange connection between transmitter and valve manifold has been modified to meet the new standard DIN EN 61518. The only connection thread approved for use in the process flanges of the pressure transmitter is7/16?20 UNF.

For this reason, the valve manifolds for M12 screws and their accessory sets have been withdrawn.

Material acceptance test certificate to EN 10204-3.1

If a material acceptance test certificate to EN 10204-3.1 is required when ordering valve manifolds or shut-off fittings, please note that a single certificate is sufficient for each ordered item type. This means that you will only be charged for one certificate in the cost calculations.

Pressure transmitters with shut-off fittings – mounting examples

SITRANS P transmitter for gage pressure with double shut-off valve, SITRANS P differential pressure transmitter with multiway cock or 3-spindle valve manifold

SITRANS P transmitter for differential pressure with 3-way valve manifold, 3-spindle valve manifold or valve manifold combination DN 5/DN 8

SITRANS P pressure transmitter for differential pressure, mounted in protective box (available on request)

SITRANS P pressure transmitter mounted on "Monoflange" valve combination for direct connection to flanges (available on request)

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