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Enclosures with DIAZED/NEOZED Screw Fuses, 25 A and 63 A
  • Enclosure complete with connection-readyassembly kits with DIAZED and NEOZED bases including cover plates.
  • PE and N outgoing feeders:
    1 rail-mounting terminal each on Cu bar, 6 mm x 6 mm, for each 3-pole circuit
    25 A/4 mm2 (8WA2 860),
    63 A/16 mm2 (8WA2 861).
  • The bars can be equipped with further terminals from the available accessories.
  • Transparent cover with quick-acting locks for opening with tool.
  • Fuse linkssee "BETA Modular Installation Devices" --> "Fuses and Fuse Systems".

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