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Drive ES engineering system

Drive ES is the engineering system used to integrate Siemens drive technology into the SIMATIC automation world easily, efficiently and cost-effectively in terms of communication, configuration and data management. The STEP 7 Manager user interface provides the basis for this procedure.

Various software packages are available for SINAMICS S:

  • Drive ES Basic
    for first-time users to the world of Totally Integrated Automation and the option for routing beyond network limits and the use of the SIMATIC teleservice.
    Drive ES Basic is the basic software program for setting the parameters of all drives online and offline.
    Drive ES Basic enables both the automation system and the drives to be handled via the SIMATIC Manager user interface. Drive ES Basic is the starting point for common data archiving complete projects and for extending the use of the SIMATIC teleservice to drives. Drive ES Basic provides the configuration tools for the new motion control functions slave-to-slave communication, equidistance and isochronous operation with PROFIBUS DP.
  • Drive ES SIMATIC
    Simply parameterize the STEP 7 communication instead of programming.
    In order to use Drive ES SIMATIC, STEP 7 must be installed. It features a SIMATIC function block library, making the programming of the PROFIBUS interface in the SIMATIC-CPU for the drives easy and secure.
    There is no need for separate, time-consuming programming of the data exchange between the SIMATIC-CPU and the drive.
    All Drive ES users need to remember is:
    Copy – Modify – Download – Ready.
    Customized, fully-developed function blocks are copied from the library into user-specific projects.
    Frequently-used functions are set to run in program format:
    • Read out complete diagnostics buffer automatically from the drive
    • Download complete parameter set automatically from the SIMATIC CPU to the drive, e.g. in the event of a device being replaced
    • Load part parameter sets (e.g. in the event of a recipe or product replacement) automatically from the SIMATIC-CPU
    • Read back, i.e. update, complete parameterization or part parameter sets from the drive to the SIMATIC CPU
  • Drive ES PCS 7
    integrates drives with the PROFIBUS interface into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system.
    Drive ES PCS 7 can only be used with SIMATIC PCS 7 version 5.0 and higher. Drive ES PCS 7 provides a function block library with function blocks for the drives and the corresponding faceplates for the operator station, which enables the drives to be operated from the PCS 7 process control system.

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Drive ES engineering system

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Drive ES engineering system

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