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Complete Assemblies



  • Test bays
  • Mining
  • Mechanical engineering systems
  • Elevators
  • Traveling trolleys
  • Crane systems
  • Loading equipment
  • Lifting platforms

Non-residential buildings

  • Sound studio applications
  • Rotor aerials
  • Screens
  • Multimedia shows
  • Lecture rooms

Outdoor areas

  • Residential areas
  • Stadiums
  • Sports grounds
  • Sports equipment (automatic shooting facilities, ball throwing machines)
  • Swimming pools (lighting, covering)

Special applications

  • Installation in damp locations
  • Call systems in catering premises
  • Customized IR controls

Modern infrared technology offers a wide range of applications as well as ease of operation, security and lower costs during installation. Not only do they enhance and change well-known technologies, they also offer greater warmth, flexibility and comfort in the workplace. The modular design and the handling of the system is uncomplicated and offers maximum insensitivity to interference during transmission of the control signals through infrared light.

The IR-64K infrared remote control system uses this technology. The system offers a broad range of unit combinations and expansion options for many fields of application. The IR-64K system is a module and device system for all kinds of remote control based on infrared technology with ranges of up to 50 m. There are none of the usual interferences, thanks to the high propagation rate. The 9-bit pulse code modulation (PCM) used in the IR-64K system has an extremely high interference immunity against other remote control systems, such as ultrasonic or radio.

The IR-64K system covers the entire range of IR applications. The product range comprises hand-held transmitters that can be encoded with up to 64 channels, receiver preamplifiers, decoders, circuit breakers with 4 or 8 outputs and corresponding power supply units. The range is rounded off with compact systems with up to 8 switching functions. The modules enable problem-free setup of remote controls for simple switching functions through to complex applications. The modules are suitable for installation in devices and systems, for external mounting and as device accessories.

The system devices and modules have the BZT registration number G105 376C/IW.

Combination options

The components can be used in any combination, your choice depends largely on the type of application and local conditions.

Hand-held transmitters

The hand-held transmitters vary in design, number of pushbuttons and the type of command encoding.

Receiver preamplifiers

The receiver preamplifiers can be operated on all decoders and compact systems of the IR-64K system. In order to ensure selection of the correct preamplifier, it is important to take the reception, installation, operating and environmental conditions into consideration.


The decoders vary in design, number of receiver preamplifier inputs, type of signal outputs and operating voltage. All modules can be encoded using the DIL switch.

Further expansion modules are also available which allow extension of the system to up to 64 channels.

Power electronics assemblies

To increase the switching capacity at the outputs of the decoder and the expansion module, a range of power electronics assemblies are available, which vary in their switching capacity, number of outputs and operating voltage.

Compact systems

In the compact systems, all key components are combined in a single enclosure and on a single module. They comprise decoders, power supply units and power outputs with potential-free changeover contacts.

Power supply units

The modules are powered by the power supply units. They supply a controlled voltage of 12 V at a load of 500 mA or 1.0 A.


Technical specifications, see thesection Technische iInformation / Remote control / IR-64K

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Complete Assemblies

Mini Hand-Held Transmitter, 4-Channel

Hand-Held Transmitter, 2-Channel

Hand-Held Transmitter, 4-Channel

Hand-Held Transmitter, 8 x 8-Channel

Wall-Mount. Bracket f. "Hand-Held Transm." + "Spare Hand-Held Transm."

Industrial Hand-Held Transmitter, 4-Channel

Industrial Hand-Held Transmitter, 8-Channel

Receiver Preamplifier, Reception Lens on Side, Metal Enclosure

Receiver Preamplifier, Focussing Lens on Front, Metal Enclosure

Receiver Preamplifier, Focussing Lens on Front, Molded

Receiver Preamplifier, Focussing Lens on Side, Molded

Decoder, 8-Channel

Decoder, 8-Channel Expandable

Expansion Module for "Decoder, 8-Channel, Expandable"

Circuit Breaker, 4 Inputs/Outputs, 12 V DC

Circuit Breaker, 4 Inputs/Outputs, 24 V DC

Plug-in Power Supply Unit

Power Supply Unit

Compact System, 8-Channel

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