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Mounting instructions

When mounting the modules, the wiring must always be disconnected and laid in a straight line.

Optimum cable routing

In the event of faults in the decoder (self-switching), connect the minus input of the receiver preamplifier to the PE.

Impractical cable routing

In the case of insufficient receiving range, the following must be heeded:

  • Pre-amplifier cable must not be laid parallel to power lines
  • Avoid coils and loops

Conditions of reception

Optimum reception conditions are achieved if the following points are observed:

  • Transmitters and receiver preamplifiers must lie on an optical axis.
  • No direct sunlight or artificial light on the photodiode or focussing lens of the receiver preamplifier.
  • It is not permitted to transmit simultaneously with two or more transmitters in a single room, even if different commands are encoded.

Range impairment, fault types

Avoid direct sunlight, e.g. by using a mechanical shutter

Prevent reception through reflections, it is essential to ensure visual contact to the receiver preamplifier

Receiver preamplifiers must not be mounted directly in the emission range of lights

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