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Class CC Fuse Links and Holders

Class CC fuses are used for "branch circuit protection".

The enclosed fuse holders are designed and tested to comply with the US National Electrical Code NEC 210.20(A). This means that when subject to continuous operation, only 80 % of the rated current is permissible as operational current.

An operational current of 100 % of the rated current (30 A) is only permissible short-time.

The devices are designed to accommodate the inscription labels of the 8WH8 120-7AA15 and 8WH8 120-7XA05 ALPHA FIX terminal blocks.

There are three different series:

  • Characteristic: slow 3NW1 ...-0HG
    For the protection of control transformers, reactors, inductances. Significantly slower than the minimum requirements specified by UL for Class CC fuses of 12 s at 2 x In.
  • Characteristic: quick 3NW2 ...-0HG
    For a wide range of applications, for the protection of lighting installations, heating, control systems.
  • Characteristic: slow, current-limiting 3NW3 ...-0HG
    slow for overloads and quick for short circuits. High current limitation for the protection of motor circuits.

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Class CC Fuse Links and Holders

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